The collection of Fritz Hoffmann’s China photography work is 160,000 35MM color film transparencies (slides) and 40,000 RAW digital image files. Currently the film is stored in hanging folders inside air and water tight polyvinyl bins filed by assignment, subject and date. Approximately two thirds of the film is unmounted and is sleeved in polyvinyl pages. One third of the film has been mounted and is sleeved in polyvinyl sheets. The RAW digital files are stored on external hard-drives in duplicate with captions embedded in the file metadata fields.

The collection also includes Fritz Hoffmann’s field notebooks from 1994 to 2018. Before the transmission of digital image files over the internet became common practice, most assignment film was shipped to clients via express courier service. Those courier airbills  have been saved with the collection. Syndication of Fritz Hoffmann’s China pictures was handled by a network of picture agencies worldwide. Syndication sales reports remain with the collection. Also included are publication tearsheets and correspondence with editors.